Thematic Equity Baskets

Primers and Equity Baskets for CitriniResearch’s Equity Portfolio

Primary Themes:

Our current primary equity themes for 2024 are

  • US Fiscal Primacy,

  • Artificial Intelligence,

  • GLP-1 Drugs,

  • Election 2024,

  • Biopharmaceutical Innovation,

  • Good Financials vs. Not So Good Financials (Insurance & Banks) &

  • Chinese Economic Stimulus.

  • Water

If you are a new paid subscriber, I really recommend getting up to speed on all of these by reading these primers (which are designed to stay relevant, as our themes are expected to play out over years). It makes Citrini sad when you pay him for insights and then ask stupid questions that have already been answered by exceedingly in-depth primers. And we don’t want to make Citrini sad, right? …right?

The primers are:

Yearly Outlook & State of the Themes Updates

Every year at the end of the year we do a “Twenty-something Trades for Twenty-Twenty-Something” (i.e. 24 Trades for 2024).

These include baskets we may or may not put on during the year, a thematic review and outlook and other trade ideas as well as a risk assessment to our current portfolio and a brief (and mostly useless, as most of them tend to be) macroeconomic outlook.

Our last yearly review, 24 Trades for 2024, introduced two baskets we are currently allocated to:

  • 2024 Biopharma Innovation

  • CitriniResearch Small-Cap Picks

I highly recommend revisiting this article throughout the year whenever you may be struggling for ideas or have recently raised cash and are looking for new positions to deploy into.

This is typically the most broad and exhaustive market review we do. You can read it here:

Twice or more per year, we do a thematic equity review that checks whether our themes are actually playing out both in the real world and the market. We anticipate changes in these themes, which are regularly rapidly advancing, and adjust our exposures accordingly. These articles are listed below, chronologically:

Thematic Expansion Primers

We have delved into various themes that we are not currently allocated to:

  • AI Losers (Short Only & Long/Short Basket) and

  • Cybersecurity Long/Short

You can read my general approach to thematic equity investing here:

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